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Nuova c plastica oilplan 200

OILplan® 200

for bulk oil

Nuova c plastica oilplan 500

OILplan® 500

for bulk oil

Nuova c plastica oilplan 800

OILplan® 800

for oil in bottles


Nuova c plastica gocciolina

GOCCIOLINA is a funnel for the collection of used domestic cooking and frying oil.

Designed to facilitate the easy filling of used oil from pan to a re-used bottle; it has a wide aperture and a removable preliminary filter to prevent clogging.

Ecohouse small

Nuova c plastica ecohouse small

ECOHOUSE® SMALL is a 2.2 litre container for the separate collection of domestic used vegetable cooking oils. The capacity is ideal for the collection of shallow frying oils and salad oils.

Comfortable and handy is equipped with a child safety cap and funnel with built-in grid. Comoda e maneggevole è dotata di tappo sicurezza bimbo e di imbuto con griglia incorporata.


Nuova c plastica ecowork

ECO-WORK® has a maximum capacity of 36 litres, is wheely and has a trolley handle that makes its transport extremely safe also for the health of the carrier.

It also has a central handle to lift it and stack it making the most of any available space.

Its versatility allows oil collectors to suck oil directly on the spot or to take it to specific collection and/or storage centres.


Nuova c plastica holi

H-OLI is a container for the communal collection of used vegetable cooking oil from apartment blocks and other public collection points.

The drum is made in weather-resistant HDPE, it is washable and recyclable at the end of its useful life.

The container is provided with a H-OLI lid for practical and safe collection of used vegetable cooking oils. The filling aperture includes a wide funnel with recessed filter and an anti-spill safety valve to reduce and stop the flow, in the event of accidental overturning, it also prevents overfilling.


Nuova c plastica oli

OLÌ is a 3.5 litre container for the separate collection of domestic used cooking, frying and salad oils.

Manufactured in lightweight HDPE and easy to handle, the lid has a child proof safety and a removable filter housed inside the opening, to improve the quality of separated used oil.

Olivbox 800

Nuova c plastica olivbox800

OLIVBOX 800 is a container for the separate collection of used cooking oil in sealed plastic bottles - not for loose oil.

The 800 litre volume container can hold about 200-300 one litre bottles. Once full, the base is a forklift shaped for easy movement and transport. The container is made in HDPE and resistant to damage from the weather and oil.