Collected 1096267.549 liter
Total 956 bins


A project by Nuova C. Plastica environment division I-Bin Project

Web management system for the separate collection of used oils

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Oilplan rfid detail

How it works

  • Collect used oil

    Collect used oil ...

    ... in ECOHOUSE jerrycan

    Users are supplied with either special ECOHOUSE series jerrycans designed to collect vegetable oils or a badge or other system for identifying the user.

  • Search for the nearest container

    search for ...

    ... the nearest container

    Consult the OILplan system at and find the nearest available drop-off container.

  • Puor in the collection station

    pour ...

    ... in the collection station

    Just place the badge or the jerrycan cap with RFID in the provided reader: this simple step activates the station which (anonymously) records the drop-off data and sends it to the OILplan system.

  • Check your drop-offs

    check ...

    ... your drop-offs

    Users can always check their drop-offs. The site is accessible from all mobile devices.

    verify ...

    ... the state of the containers

    Depending on the volume of oil contained in each station, the collection service operator can manage emptying operations in a smart and inexpensive way.

System strengths

It finds the nearest collection station

This system makes it possible to manage drop-offs based on daily schedules and commitments.

Smart collection management

Collection service personnel can know in advance which containers need collecting, therefore optimizing runs and saving money, and receive information on alarms before reaching the station to better organize operations.

No more emergencies!

Collection service personnel can avoid and limit the number of emergency operations and therefore plan work shifts.


It eliminates the plastic of the bottles used for drop-offs if ECOHOUSE jerrycans are used.

Reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

No need to tend to containers that do not require emptying or maintenance.

Periodic updates

All the data (capacity, quantity collected, state of the power supply, etc.) is communicated daily.

In the event of an alarm, it is possible to act promptly, thus limiting inconveniences.

Local Government authorities can verify the service

It is possible to monitor the state of the container, the number of drop-offs received and the single amount dropped off by users and therefore check the work of the service operator.

Send reminder e-mails

The system automatically sends an e-mail once a set filling level has been reached. The level is set online.

There is no need to connect every day to monitor the container because the system will warn us.

Maximum accessibility

The portal is responsive and can be accessed from mobile phones, tablets, etc.

No software installation is required.

Sends customized data

All information regarding drop-offs can be sent to the customer in the format required by the management system being used.