OILplan® 800

OILplan® 800 is the result of combining the OLIVBOX 800 collection station and the OILplan system

The OILplan® 800 collection station is designed specifically for used oil contained in well-sealed plastic bottles - and not bulk oil - and is made of PEHD fit to resist harsh weather conditions and oils.

It has an approximately 800-liter capacity, is impact-resistant and equipped with posts for fixing it to the ground.

The specially-shaped container base makes it possible to handle when completely full using a forklift.

The station is electrically powered using a power supply or batteries and photovoltaic panels, and is equipped with an RFID reader for the controlled opening of the lid and user recognition; the collected oil reading is carried out once daily.

Available on request, only for BASE version, an UHF RFID reader.

Capacity 800 Lt
Length 140 cm
Width 120 cm
Height 235 cm
Power 20 VDC (photovoltaic)
Product code

02185 (OILplan® 800 BASE)