What is the OILplan system and how does it work

OILplan is a web-based system for managing and monitoring urban and industrial waste collection.

It is an Internet service that is accessible via PC, Tablet and Smartphone which, thanks to the NCP electronic card, makes the collection container "smart" and allows the user to better manage waste collection.

The system can be applied to diversi types of container and any kind of solid or liquid waste.

In this specific case, OILplan has been customized and applied to the OLIVIA collection station for the disposal of used vegetable oil produced by families and the food service industry.

Oilplan system olivia
Oilplan system olivia baloon I'm OLIVIA!
Oilplan system pc
Oilplan system olivia baloon I'm OILplan!
How can we communicate?

The OILplan system is extremely simple and intuitive to operate and is used to monitor containers installed throughout the national territory.

OLIVIA communicates with OILplan and informs it of its state, reporting:

OILplan map
OILplan uses RFID technology
OILplan uses RFID technology

Users are supplied a badge or special ECOHOUSE series jerrycans designed to collect vegetable oils produced by families.

The jerrycan features a special child-proof cap and microchip that allows opening of the OLIVIA STATION lid.

The station will anonymously record the user ID and information on the drop-off time and place.



At this point, simply consult the OILplan system and look for the nearest available drop-off container.



  • All drop-off information is stored on the station and then sent to the OILplan system for processing.
  • The OILplan system also makes it possible to "freely drop off" waste without the use of a badge or RFID to open the lid.
  • Such detailed management will make it possible to generate accurate statistics regarding the collection project, if a collection station has been placed in a suitable location or not, rewards for users based on drop-offs, etc.
Show containers near to you


Depending on the volume of oil contained in each station, emptying operations can be managed in a smart (only where needed) and inexpensive (route optimization) way.

Receive information regarding alarms before reaching the station to better organize operations.

New concept of collection station energy management! No more replacement battery or service call costs.

Local Government

The Local Government site can feature a simplified counter showing the quantities collected and therefore highlight its commitment to the environment.

The following information can be monitored daily: state of the container, number of drop-offs received, amount poured by users individually and overall amount poured into a given station. All this makes it easy to monitor the work of the service operator.

For the USER

It finds the nearest collection station and makes it possible to manage drop-offs based on the user’s daily schedules and commitments.