Cookies and privacy

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files of small size that are stored on your computer when browsing a website.

Basically a website may save a cookie on your browser that will be sent back to the website (without change) every time you visit the same site.

Nearly all modern websites use cookies for example:

  • recognize the user (for example during the login to allow access to private sections);
  • fill your virtual shopping cart (in an ecommerce website);
  • track the user (for information on the navigator, his tastes and preferences);
  • share information on social networks;
  • remember the user's preferences (eg lalangue favorite aspect of the site, text size);

These are just some of the possible uses of cookies. For more information:

Cookies may harm my computer?

No. Cookies are are simple text files and, to date, do not know the methods by which it can harm your computer.

If cookies are harmless, why this warning?

This notice is required by law: through the provision of the Privacy n. 229/2014, published in Official Gazette (which identified the simplified arrangements to inform users about the use of cookies within the websites, providing directions to gain consent when required by law) June 2, 2015 has been made mandatory the adaptation of websites to cookie law.

Also cookies can also be used to profile the user's preferences and, for this reason, the legislature felt compelled to inform the user about the use of cookies.

For what we use cookies?

OILplan uses cookies to:

  • recognize you when you log in and allow you to surf the private sections;
  • genearare statistics through Google Analytics;
  • to enable third-party services such as the use of maps;
  • adapt the presentation to the display preferences of your device (for example, language used, display resolution, operating system, ...).

OILplan still install a cookie called "rejection". This cookie allows us to store your choice and avoid asking again at every visit if you want to accept or decline cookies.

Can I avoid storing cookies?

Certainly. You are free to use or not use cookies in your browser, however some services OILplan may not function properly if your cookies were disabled.

The most common browsers can check and change the setting of cookies.

For your convenience, we reported the information about how to manage cookies with major browsers: